Reformer Pilates

You’ve heard about the benefits, your friends rave about how much they enjoy it, and now you're trying to find the right studio for you. Well you've come to the right place. 

What if I told you Pilates is for anybody and every BODY - and the reformer doesn’t discriminate,  it's there to help us all. From rehab clients that need the support of the springs to enhance their recovery, to desk workers that sit too much. Reformer Pilates is complementary to all lifestyles.


 So you're wanting to start reformer Pilates... 


Our classes are 50 minutes and are designed to challenge you and deliver real, long lasting results mentally and physically. With a focus on good technique and form keeping you safe from injury. You will have the support and dedication of our friendly, qualified and experienced instructors who will work with you personally in each class to guide you towards feeling empowered, supported and motivated to achieve your goals. 


We want to work with YOU on creating a safe, fun and personable experience you can’t wait to show up to. Our semi private classes are small, customised, fun and filled with other like minded individuals all working towards improving their health and fitness. 



Why should you choose us? 


Myo Movement is changing how reformer Pilates is experienced and delivered with our modern philosophy on movement.  We believe combining both the clinical (injury prevention/ rehabilitation) and fitness aspect of Pilates is primarily going to give the individual the best results when it comes to investing in their health. 

We are the only clinic in the West of Melbourne offering this style of Semi Private Reformer Pilates classes. 


Our classes are only ever have a max of 4 people, meaning its personable and private. We understand that big classes aren't for everyone. They can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if your new to Pilates.  We also want everyone and anyone to be able to join our classes, and not have to pick between going to a clinic with only clinical Pilates ( with zero fun) or a high intensity class ( doesn't cater to your aches and pains). 

This is how our philosophy on how we deliver Pilates was born. We listened, we asked and we got to work on creating classes that are effective, personable, supportive and always fun!


Is this Pilates thing all new to you?

Wonderful! We’re so glad you’re here. Our friendly and experienced instructors are the best of the best. They’re trained to offer modifications for all levels, so you’re guaranteed to have a version of every exercise that works for you. If it’s your first reformer Pilates class, you’ll probably find your thighs shaking pretty quickly. That’s normal! Take as many rest breaks as you like, don't be to hard on yourself and know that you’ll likely be a little sore tomorrow. That’s the point, right?

Not your first rodeo?

If you’d consider yourself advanced, we’ll make sure to layer in plenty of challenges to keep you progressing and seeing results. Our classes are designed to make sure you won’t plateau – or get bored.



 Ready to book your first class? 

Firstly, we are so proud of you for taking this amazing step in starting your fitness journey with us. 

You can book your first Pilates class by clicking the "Book online here" bottom below and then select group sessions. It will list all our available classes for each day. Once you have selected your class you will need to place your contact details in and then you will receive a confirmation email for your booking.

We will the send you another email within 24 hours, that will have an assessment questionnaire form and a terms and conditions form attached that you will need to complete and email back. 

 What class package works for you? 

We understand everyone has different schedules and commitments, so we have created several package types, for you to choose from.

Pilates packages 

Class packages can either be purchased via our website (below) or purchased at the studio upon your first class.


Each package has an expiry date on it. Meaning you will have x amount of classes to use in a time frame. If you do not use your classes within the designated expiry your classes will be forfeited and you will need to purchase a new package before booking your next class.

 Intro Offer 
Valid- 30 days
Only valid for new clients
 4 class pack 
Valid- 30 days
Every 12 classes get 1 free class
 12 class pack 
Valid- 90 days
1 free class per package purchased (pay for 12 get 13 classes)
 8 class pack 
Valid- 60 days
Every 16 classes get 1 free class
 22 class pack 
Valid- 120 days
2 free class per package purchased (pay for 22 get 24 classes)

 Popular questions 

What do I wear to class?

What ever you feel most comfortable in. If we had to make a suggestion it would be something comfortable, and isn't restricting. Activewear is the best option. 

What should I bring to class?

A water bottle so you can keep hydrated, a towel and if you prefer to wear pilates socks please do bring them. 

How do I purchase another package?

You can purchase another package via our website or you can purchase a package at our studio, just speak to one of our friendly staff and they will help you choose the right package. 

Can I join into any class?

Yes, all experience levels can join into any class. Our qualified trainers will ensure that modifications are available for anyone who needs them.